Thai Remedial Massage Gympie

Thai Remedial Massage Gympie

GYMPIE Massage Open 7 days
Monday to Saturday 8am till 6pm
Sunday 8am till 12 noon
call Su Avison

Phone Su: 0475 796 892


Thai Remedial Massage … by Su Avison

Su has a unique blend of remedial massage that has been influenced by her 18+ years experience in Traditional Thai massage.

Gympie Massage

  • Thai Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Massage for Arthritis
  • Foot Massage
  • Head & Shoulder Massage
  • Massage Gift Vouchers

 Thai Remedial Massage Gympie

thai massage gympie qld

For over 10 years in Thailand, Su owned & managed her Thai massage business with her main focus on Traditional Thai massage, reflexology massage, sports injury massage & deep tissue massage.

Remedial Massage Gympie Qld

Su was the massage therapist of choice by many of the Thai boxing students training at the local Muay Thai gyms of Phuket Thailand.

Thai Boxing Phuket

Thai Boxing @ Phuket Thailand

Su spent her younger years working as the massage therapist on the worlds largest passenger sailing ship (The Royal Clipper). Su traveled the world sailing the Mediterranean sea during the summer months & crossing the Atlantic ocean to sail the Caribbean during the winter.

royal clipper 2

The Royal Clipper, The worlds largest passenger Sailing ship

Since relocating to Australia in 2011, Su has completed her diploma of Remedial Massage @ the Australian Institute of Fitness (Perth campus).

Thai Remedial Massage Gympie

After completing her diploma of Remedial massage, Su spent the next 3 years refining her remedial massage skills in Perth Western Australia @ Midland Physiotherapy.

Su and the team @ Midland Physiotherapy Perth WA

su midland physio

Su & the team @ Midland Physiotherapy Perth Western Australia

Su giving massage @ Midland Physiotherapy WA

remedial massage gympie

Remedial Massage – Su Avison working at Midland Physiotherapy

2018 … Su moved to Gympie Queensland & opened her Thai Remedial Massage Studio on the downstairs level of her home at 3 Spicer st Gympie.

Thai Remedial Massage Gympie

Thai Remedial Massage Studio @ 3 Spicer st Gympie Queensland

The BIG Buddha of Gympie sits at the entrance of our massage studio at 3 Spicer street, welcoming people as they arrive for their massage.

Gympie Big Buddha

Gympie Big Buddha

Health Fund Rebates

Health fund rebates are available for Remedial Massage only

On completion of your remedial massage, you will receive a receipt with our health fund provider number printed on it. You can claim your rebate online or at your health fund outlet.

health fund rebates

Thai Remedial Massage Gympie QLD

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If your LOOKING for the BEST Muay Thai Training in Malaysia …. Check out Team JORM KITTI @ the MUAYTHAI FitnessLab – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Muaythai fitnesslab KL Malaysia
Students @ the Muaythai Fitness Lab – KL Malaysia
Muaythai fitnessLab Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Muaythai fitnessLab KL Malaysia

Get the BEST Thai boxing Training in Kuala Lumpur @ the Muaythai FitnessLab with 3 legendary Muay Thai trainer’s…  Jorm Kitti, Ewan Big Boyz, Yodnamchai

The Trainers @ Muaythai FitnessLab
The Trainers @ Muaythai FitnessLab

Jorm Kitti WINs WMC title fights in 2014 & 2015

Jorm Kitti fighting for WMC World Title 2015
Jorm Kitti fighting for WMC World Title 2015

Jorm Kitti WINs the WMC Title Belt at D1FC in Kuala Lumpur in August 2015. 63.5kg against Rafi Bohic

 Elite Fight Night October 2015
Jorm Kitti WINs Elite Fight Night. October 2015
jorm kitti muaythai fitnesslab kl
Jorm Kitti & Trainers from the Muaythai FitnessLab

Muay Thai Champion Jorm Kitti @ Muaythai FitnessLab Kuala Lumpur ~ Malaysia

jorm kitti muaythai fitnesslab kl Malaysia
Jorm Kitti WINs the WMC Evolution 27 at Malaysia 2014
Jorm Kitti WINs the WMC Evolution 27 at Malaysia 2014
Jorm Kitti WINs the WMC Evolution 27 at Malaysia 2014

Jorm Kitti from Muaythai Fitness Lab WINs the WMC Evolution 27 at Malaysia 2014

Contact US @ Muaythai FitnessLab

find us on facebook


Phone: +60123301449 / 0362438886

Location: Plaza Damas 3, Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


YINDEE Muay Thai Gear

Yindee Muaythai Gear

YINDEE Muaythai Gear is NOW available at the Muaythai FitnessLab @ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Triathlon Training Thailand
Thai Boxing & Triathlon Training Camp – Issan Thailand

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Muaythai Gym @ Isaan Thailand

Thailand MuaythaiBaan Dansu @ Isaan Thailand

Su & I will be back to Thailand again in  mid 2018 to look at more land for the next gym… location we are looking at is Isaan Provence of Thailand along the Mekong river.

Baan DANSU  Detox – Fitness, Thai boxing & Triathlon training Retreat @ Isaan Thailand


Coming Soon .. Detox  ~ Yoga  ~ Triathlon Training ~ MTB cycling ~ Road Cycling ~ Marathon  road running … MORE details coming SOON in 2018

detox Bath baan dansu thailand

 Baan DANSU … Detox bath

baan dansu fitness retreat thailand

Baan DANSU  …  Fitness & Detox retreat – Isaan province


baan dansu thai massage

Baan DANSU – Thai Massage


baan dansu green smoothie detox

Baan DANSU  Green smoothie / Kefir Drinks / / Vegetarian food / Aquaponic wheat grass/  Detoxing @ Isaan province Thailand


baan dansu triathlon training camp thailand

Muay Thai Boxing Gym @  Isaan province, North East Thailand


The photos above are a reflection of my imagination & represent ONLY what I’m thinking .. If I can dream it then I’m already 1/2 way their !




Want to talk more about Baan DANSU @ Isaan province Thailand Thailand ?? .. Feel free to contact me on Facebook
danny avison on facebook

 Baan DANSU Fitness Retreat .. Coming soon @  Isaan province Thailand.

Triathlon Training Camp Chumphon Thailand
Triathlon Training Camp @ Isaan Thailand

Muaythai Training Bangkok

Muaythai Training Bangkok – KEATKHAMTORN  Muaythai GYM @ Bangkok Thailand

If you are looking for a serious FIGHT training in Thailand then Keatkhamtorn Gym @ Bangkok offers some of the BEST Muay Thai training in Thailand.

Keatkhamtorn Gym is a training camp to a handful of elite Thai fighters such as Nopparat Keatkhamtorn (2 lumpinee champion & Thailand champion), Detsuriya Sittiprasert, Khongpanlek Sakaomnoi, Laemthong Thor Ponchai and Yuthagan Keatkhamtorn (lumpinee & Thailand champion).

Keatkhamtorn Gym Muaythai Training Bangkok
Training @ Keatkhamtorn Gym Bangkok Thailand

Like a lot of the Bangkok based gyms, Keatkhamtorn is a serious gym with a reputation for producing top fighters.

Keatkhamtorn Muaythai gym Bangkok Thailand
Keatkhamtorn Gym @ Bangkok Thailand

Keatkhamtorn Gym @ Bangkok Thailand

Keatkhamtorn Muaythai gym Bangkok Thailand
Keatkhamtorn Gym @ Bangkok Thailand

Training here at Keatkhamtorn gym is nothing short of spectacular. The training is 100% Thai style which consists of two x 3-hours training sessions each day.

Keatkhamtorn Muaythai gym Bangkok Thailand
Training @ Keatkhamtorn Gym Bangkok Thailand

Muaythai Training Bangkok

Feedback from one of the foreign fighters that trained @ Keatkhamtorn Gym

It is quite a grueling training program but this is what it takes to make a champion Muay Thai fighter. The trainers are very quick to appraise your level of fitness and skill level to create a good balance between training hard and training smart.

When I first arrived at the gym, I struggled with running 5 km, churning out one set of 120 knees, and muscling through just three rounds of pad-work and bag-work each at the close of each session. The humidity when I first got here in October was still pretty thick, and people would start to sweat at the first few steps of their runs. The humidity just makes you feel you are swallowing something solid with each breath. It’s quite different from training in drier Southern California or even in the summers of Philadelphia. However, hard work leads to progress.

At the close of one month, I average per session about a 5-7km run, two sets of 350 knees, and 5 rounds of pad-work and bag-work each. Sparring and clinching with the Thai fighters here is like something from another world.

What really sets Keatkhamtorn gym apart from other Muay Thai Gyms in Thailand is how much the gym owner (Jakae and his family) try to make the students & fighters comfortable. They insist in taking us out to eat at restaurants with them, offer us transport to anywhere we need to go to (including to and from the airport), and are very proactive in making sure we feel at home here at Keatkhamtorn. Over the course of just a few weeks, all the people involved with Keatkhamtorn evolved from strangers to friends / family. I proud to have trained @ Keatkhamtorn Gym

Jakae @ Keatkhamtorn gym @ Bangkok Thailand
(Jakae & Son ) Owner / Manager of Keatkhamtorn Gym

 Keatkhamtorn Gym is located 20 minutes in a taxi north of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Keatkhamtorn Muaythai gym Bangkok Thailand

Contact the owner direct ~ Mr Jakae

Mobile: (Calling from within Thailand) 085-800-8708

Calling from over seas +66 85-800-8708


find us on facebook

Contact Us on FACEBOOK

Keatkhamtorn GYM Location
10/3 Moo 11 Nawamin Rd, Soi 88, Khannayao, Bangkok, 10230

Sandee Muaythai equipment Thailand

SANDEE Mauythai Equipment is Sold @ Keatkhamtorn gym.

Sandee Thailand
Sandee Muay Thai Equipment  @ Thailand

Triathlon Training Thailand
Thai Boxing & Triathlon Training Camp – Thailand

contact the web master