Muaythai Gym @ Isaan Thailand

Thailand MuaythaiBaan Dansu @ Isaan Thailand

Su & I will be back to Thailand again in  mid 2018 to look at more land for the next gym… location we are looking at is Isaan Provence of Thailand along the Mekong river.

Baan DANSU  Detox – Fitness, Thai boxing & Triathlon training Retreat @ Isaan Thailand


Coming Soon .. Detox  ~ Yoga  ~ Triathlon Training ~ MTB cycling ~ Road Cycling ~ Marathon  road running … MORE details coming SOON in 2018

detox Bath baan dansu thailand

 Baan DANSU … Detox bath

baan dansu fitness retreat thailand

Baan DANSU  …  Fitness & Detox retreat – Isaan province


baan dansu thai massage

Baan DANSU – Thai Massage


baan dansu green smoothie detox

Baan DANSU  Green smoothie / Kefir Drinks / / Vegetarian food / Aquaponic wheat grass/  Detoxing @ Isaan province Thailand


baan dansu triathlon training camp thailand

Muay Thai Boxing Gym @  Isaan province, North East Thailand


The photos above are a reflection of my imagination & represent ONLY what I’m thinking .. If I can dream it then I’m already 1/2 way their !




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 Baan DANSU Fitness Retreat .. Coming soon @  Isaan province Thailand.

Triathlon Training Camp Chumphon Thailand
Triathlon Training Camp @ Isaan Thailand